Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I Love Cushions

I bet, it's much more interesting to rest on these cushions then on a regular pillow. The first one was planned to be an orange, but by some lucky mistake it turned out to be a pumpkin, which is much more fun. I haven't use any known pattern, that's why I expected surprises.

Скажите, на какой подушке вам будет интереснее спать?
По плану первая должна была быть апельсином, но по странному стечению обстоятельств получилась тыква. А так как выкройки я обычно изобретаю сама, то такой неожиданный результат меня не удивил, и даже обрадовал.


  1. I don't know how comfortable it is to sleep on one of those but they are definitly a bomb.

    I guess you gream of a prince charming while sleeping on a pumpkin and while you sleep on acorn you dream of... pigs?

    Cherish mistakes, says the creativity rule.

    1. Ha-ha! O, yeah, I dream about the pigs while sleeping on it :) The pigs are the closest relatives of human beings, aren't they?
      Actualy, just give me to sleep, and it's doesn't matter how the pillow will look like


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