Friday, March 16, 2012

Ceramic Fruit Bowl

Our children come into the world of virtual reality and feel perfect in it. Though I can't stop wondering its miracles.  Indeed, the global mind is a source of an inexhaustible inspiration. And I just take the opportunity and get inspired. The idea of this bowl is not new, but it seemed delicate, elegant and quite simple for implementation to me, and I took it. Here is the result.

Наши дети приходят в мир виртульной реальности и чувствуют себя в нем как рыбы в воде. Я-же не устаю удивляться его чудесам, и черпаю нескончаемое вдохновение из сокровищницы глобального разума. Идея этой вазы не моя, но мне она показалась легкой, элегантной и простой для выполнения. И вот он результат.



  1. This is crarzy. You should quit the rest of your activity and focus on ceramics.
    And interior design.

    1. Hmmm, do you think it will insure me a wealthy aging?

    2. I wish it could be as simple, as it seems...

  2. Can you do also pigs in this technique?


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