Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Springy & Tiny

Sometimes when one is silent, it doesn't mean he has nothing to say. It means that he's busy.
Oh dear, I was really busy during the last almost half a year.
If you ever thought that illustrating a book is a peace of cake you are wrong. It's a hard work. Especially when you combine it with all of your other duties, and especially a new job.
But now I can say: Hallelujah! The book is finished for now.
So, see it and make your judgement.
Anyway, this book was written by clinical social worker Ifat Shuster and special education teacher Katia Levitski, for the elder brothers in families with autistic diagnosed child. It sounds quite sad, but you cannot run away from reality. These kids need their own special attention.
So, here it is in a full volume:
In English:
Springy & Tiny

In Hebrew:
Kfitsi & Pitsputs

Книжка на русском:
Прыг и Скок

Comments and suggestions will be very much appreciated.

P.S. It's in Hebrew now, but I hope it will be translated into English soon .

And a few more pictures from the book:

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