Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dreams, Sweet Dreams...

How many times we recognize ourselves in this absurd situation, don't we? Mostly without realizing how ridiculous we look like.
This is my collage on Polyvore. Now I should draw something like this...

Вы никогда не узнавали себя в такой вот абсурдной ситуации? А сколько раз Вы осозновали насколько смешно все это выглядит со стороны?
Теперь этот коллаж неплохо было-бы выразить на бумаге..

Как-то я гулял в лугах.
Вижу - свинка в облаках!
В синеве, за дальней далью,
Тает розовой клубничкой...

Понял я с большой печалью,
Что болеет

М. Яснов

Dreams, Sweet Dreams...


  1. Oh yeah! This is an absolute masterpiece of all time. Nо other work of art will ever even come close to the gretness this one. Unless it features pigs.

    1. You're kidding and it's sad... Because it's a quite cute pig and, as we said before, it's our closest relative with all the implications of that. So you don't have to be so cynical

    2. At no time have i been cynical nor disrespectful. Au contraire i allways say pigs are second smartest creatures on this planet after humans. Sometimes they are even smarter than certain humans. And they are definitly cuter than most humans.
      All of the above concerns all kinds of regular pigs. As for the winged pigs they cannot be compared neither to humans nor to any other species that have ever lived on Earth.


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