Friday, February 17, 2012

Some thoughts about Eternity

Pottery is quite an interesting thing. Dealing with it is extremely simple and  the results are fabulous. Another important detail is that ceramics is almost immortal.
As my teacher says: "Write! Write your names on your creations! Their average lifetime is more then 1500 years. You never know who will discover them in the future..."
Actually, I'm not interested in publicity thousand years ahead, but the digit itself hypnotizes me.
Ok, I will write my name. May be, when I come up as an archeologist in my next reincarnation, it will be interesting to check out how my bowls spent time meanwhile.

These are a few my works as a newby in this business.


  1. Replies
    1. These're just a few little things, you know...
      I have so many projects to implement

    2. Everything on these pictures is beautiful including table top and the watch in the box. Let alone the pottery.

    3. Thank you! This is the miracle of modern photography :) And yes, this is my mom's piano.


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